[rt-users] requestor is able to reopen ticket

Pescoller Reinhold reinhold at aiding.it
Wed Aug 17 02:53:09 EDT 2016


i have following question for the following situation. A requestor 
send a request and create a ticket. When the ticket is resolved he gets 
a notify that his issue was resolved. But know he answer to the email 
with "thanks" and reopen the ticket. Be reclosing the ticket he get the 
notify again and so on in a loop.

The checkbox notify requestor by resolving the ticket make no 
difference. The question is: to reopen a ticket or change some ticket 
state you need the right to modify tickets isn't it so?

How can I configure rt to not allowing reopen ticket for the requestor 
or to not notify requestor a second time?


I use rt 4.4.0

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