[rt-users] Can you limit ticket access via CF

aixenv aixenv at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 06:44:30 EDT 2016


We have a situation where we would like to limit ticket access within a
specific queue based on CF, is that possible?

for example, let's say the queue name is Technical-Client-Support and when
someone from a particular email submits a ticket it associates a CF with
their company name let's say "ABC Company".

Can I limit "ABC Company" to only be able to view all tickets associated
within the "Technical-Client-Support" queue based on the CF that assigns
their company value? for all users within the company that populate the
custom CF with their particular company or for specific users. Say Fred
Jones from ABC Company as an example

The goal here is to allow ABC Company to view all associated tickets to
their company.

I'm currently running 4.2.10. I can upgrade if necessary to accomplish this

Thanks in advance
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