[rt-users] Multi Select Filtering when using Custom Field Groupings

Susanne Vuksic svuksic at corp.fibernetics.ca
Thu Aug 25 16:44:04 EDT 2016

We have a large number of custom fields so we have modified the code to allow the fields to appear in logical groupings however we have the following problem when using a list that is dependent on another field for values:

1. If both fields exist in the same "grouping" then the dependent filed displays only the options driven by the value in the controlling field ( this is how it should work)
2. If the fields are not within the same grouping the dependent list displays all the values available (which in some cases in our instance is a lot of values). To avoid the wrong value being chosen we want the list to be limited by the controlling field choice yet this seems to be an issue when using the groups

Has anyone encountered this or have a workaround/fix?

Grouping the fields together is not an ideal option as it breaks the logic on the UI we are trying to create for users.

Susanne and Rosita
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