[rt-users] Pulling tickets for a user in a specific time period

James Dewey admin at allthings.moe
Thu Dec 1 11:18:06 EST 2016

I tried searching around the list for an answer, but wasn't able to find a
solution. Currently I'm running metrics for "touched a ticket" in a
specific time period, for example the query might look something like

UpdatedBy = '<user>'
AND Updated > '2016-11-27'

Unfortunately this runs into an edge case where if the user has -ever-
updated the ticket, it will still return it, even if they haven't actually
touched it in months. (If I'm wrong on this, please let me know. That is my
understanding of what the results will be).

What I need is a way to pull all tickets updated by a user, within that
time period. So in the above example, it would only return tickets that
<user> updated after 11-27-2016. Is there a way to generate this
information? As currently it means my metrics aren't 100% accurate, and
while they're good enough for trends I would really prefer if they were

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