[rt-users] shredding attachments based on date

Jon 'Boli' Copeland boli at itss.co.tz
Mon Dec 19 07:35:52 EST 2016

you can shred based on sql query, such as

./rt-shredder --plugin "Tickets=query,Queue = 'Support' and Status =
'deleted';limit,5000" --sqldump /root/bup9.sql --force

...so you can change the query as you see fit.

On 19-Dec-16 2:38 PM, Andy Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I'd like to remove attachments older than x months from the database
> and thought probably rt-shredder is the tool for this (its not
> something I've used before). Having googled this a bit and checked
> "rt-shredder --plugin help-Attachments" for instructions it looks like
> it may not be possible to use date, can anyone advise? Otherwise I
> guess I need to delete them directly from MySQL, not sure if this will
> make a mess of RT though,
> thanks for any help, Andy.

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