[rt-users] Timezone Issue

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Tue Feb 2 02:22:05 EST 2016


it's actually in the documentation:

Best is to switch from mod_perl to mod_fastcgi.

Also have a look here:


Am 01.02.2016 um 18:38 schrieb Matt Brennan:
> Good Day,
>   I am running RT 4.2.12. The system clock is in GMT, and all messages
> are logged in GMT. It is running Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. We are running
> Apache2 with modperl. The timezone, in RT_SiteConfig, is set to
> "America/New_York" which exists in /usr/share/zoneinfo. 
>   However, whatever a user sets their timezone to (we have users all
> over the world) it still shows as GMT for them. 
>   I have tried setting my timezone (in About Me) to America/New_York,
> EST5EDT and EST. No matter what, I still see GMT. 
>   Anyone thoughts are appreciated. 
> -Matt

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