[rt-users] can RT check the queue name and then ticket ID before deciding to post a reply or create a new ticket

Jack Beanstallk beanstallk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 09:39:18 EST 2016

A potential scenario, a bunch of tickets are exported from RT1 and imported
into RT2 (RT instances are separate organizations).

RT1: ticket ID's run from 1 to 50000
RT2: ticket ID's run from 1 to 75000

The bunch of tickets to export from RT1 are ticket ID's 25000 to 30000 and
importing them into RT2 will start from ticket ID 75001 to 100001

If somebody replies to an existing ticket that was originally from RT1 e.g.
ticket ID 25000, the reply goes into RT2 ticket ID 25000 which is not the
same ticket as RT1 ticket ID 25000 as it is now RT2 ticket ID 75001 - from
the tests I've done RT doesn't check the queue name that is presented in
the subject line it only checks the ticket ID number.

Is there a way for RT to check the queue name and ticket ID presented in
the subject line and if the ticket ID belongs to the queue name then post
the reply, if the ticket ID doesn't belong to the queue then create a new

Are there any other pitfalls with migrating tickets from one RT to another
RT to watch out for?

I can provide further clarification if needed.

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