[rt-users] Scrip to enforce maximum ticket status per person per queue?

Aaron McCormack aaron at backblaze.com
Wed Jan 13 14:55:31 EST 2016

Hi RT Users-

I'm looking to create a scrip which enforces a maximum number of tickets of a certain status, per person, per queue.

For example:

Joe has 3 status open tickets and 4 status stalled tickets.  By policy, Joe is only allowed to have 3 open tickets at once.

Joe tries to change 1 of the stalled tickets to open, but RT counts the number of status open tickets that Joe already has and doesn't allow the status change.  If Joe then changes 1 open ticket to resolved, then he can change 1 stalled to open, maintaining his limit of 3 status open tickets.

Has anyone tried enforcing limitation like this or query the status of other tickets in a scrip?



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