[rt-users] Set custom field on a transaction via REST?

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Tue Jan 19 22:47:17 EST 2016


I've added a custom field for transactions to a queue. I can set the
custom field if I use the web UI to comment or reply. But, I can't seem
to set it when using the REST API, which is why I want to have the CF.

I've tried variations of CF.{Name} [0] and CF-Name [1] but none of
those work. Looking in:
I see nothing that mentions custom fields. I assume this is the correct
file as the "Got args" line is printed out when I submit my request.

Example log line:
Jan 20 15:50:46 prod-rt RT: [23112] Got args Text CF-Name Action.

Any suggestions which by much appreciated.

This is RT 4.2.8 running on Debian Jessie.

[0] As mentioned on: https://github.com/z4r/python-rtkit#id17
[1] As used in the rt CLI for creating a ticket

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