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Dunbar, Brian Brian.Dunbar at von.ca
Tue Jul 5 11:22:03 EDT 2016

Hello RT_Users,

I have exim4 working to send mails from RT and I am trying to use fetchmail to poll exchange and collect the messages.
Fetchmail returns  Fetchmail MDA returned nonzero status 2 in the syslog. I also get POP3 Protocol error 19
I look at the exchange account and I can see that fetchmail is reading the messages.

I have also tried with imap and get error writing to mda broken pipe

Here is the fetchmail config

set daemon 30:
set invisible
set no bouncemail
set syslog

poll mail.server.ca protocol pop3
auth password
username "xxxxxxx at server.ca<mailto:xxxxxxx at server.ca>" password "xxxxxxxx"
mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue xxxxxxx --action correspond --url http://xxxxxxx/"
no keep
#sslfingerprint "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

reading message xxxxx at server.ca@mail.server.ca:9<mailto:xxxxx at server.ca@mail.server.ca:9> of 10 (3310 octets) (log message incomplete)
not flushed

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