[rt-users] odd browser behaviour

Dunbar, Brian Brian.Dunbar at von.ca
Mon Jul 11 13:22:47 EDT 2016

I fixed the Chrome issue by clearing all history.

I finally fixed my email with Fetchmail.  The fetchmailrc path should not end in / I found this out by reading the var/log/messages

My last issue is on the gui side of RT when the page loads the Home button shows The Page you requested could not be found. I think this is an error in my siteconfig. Hopefully I can fix today.

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I have been using Chrome to access RT. I upgraded my RT to 4.4 and now I cannot login with Chrome. I can access it through Firefox and IE.

If I look at syslog I see

Jul 11 08:17:42 server RT: [39157] Marking original destination as having side-effects before redirecting for login.#012Request: /rt//REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway#012Reason: your browser did not supply a Referrer header

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