[rt-users] Any insurance company uses RT?

Jim Brandt jbrandt at bestpractical.com
Wed Jul 13 11:16:49 EDT 2016

Hi Ákos,

Since RT is open source, there is no official list of who uses it, but 
you can find a self-reported list on the wiki:


You might get some other responses on the list here too.

There are definitely many insurance companies of all sorts that use RT 
for various functions (IT support, end customer support, internal task 
management, etc.).

Thanks for showing off RT!

On 7/13/16 10:48 AM, akos.torok at docca.hu wrote:
> Dear RT Users,
> We use RT since ages (2005) and some of our clients asked us to show the
> RT for an insurance company. So I did. The insurence company likes the
> RT, but before they make a final decision, they want to know if any
> other insurance company in the world uses RT.
> If anybody know such a case, let me know please!
> Thanks,
> Ákos
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