[rt-users] Assign/limit ticket ownership to queue users

Tom Robinson tom.robinson at motec.com.au
Wed Jul 13 17:46:00 EDT 2016


On 11/07/16 23:05, Jim Brandt wrote:
> On 7/10/16 7:53 PM, Tom Robinson wrote:
>> I'm trying to assign/limit ticket ownership to groups of users for specific queues.
>> What I'd like to see in the ownership drop-down menu is just the users that have been granted access
>> to the queue. What I see now is all privileged users in the drop down. How can I limit this?
>> Also, is it possible to assign ownership to non-privileged users?
> Ownership is controlled by the "Own tickets" right (OwnTicket), so to remove extra users you'll need
> to track down how they are getting that right and remove it. Likely it's assigned to the Privileged
> role right now based on your description.
> And you can assign that same right to non-privileged users, but it's a little odd since they won't
> be able to see the full ticket via the web UI. 

Yes I see that. After working out the permissions structure (see below), we did dabble with the idea
of assigning ownership at an administrative level. They can see who owns a ticket in the SelfService
login, but other than that, functionality is around ownership is pretty limited.

> If you're going down the road of allowing
> non-privileged users to own tickets, it might be better to create a group, make them privileged, and
> give them very limited access.

So I have managed to get something working yesterday that I think is right. Previously I had granted
Privileged User rights under Global Group Rights for SYSTEM->Privileged. I've now added specific
groups for Staff and External users and added them under Global Group Rights to managed specifically
privileged permissions on a group-by-group basis (deselecting all SYSTEM->Privilege Rights and
reassigning them under specific groups). The internal Staff group has most rights granted; External
group has more limited access defined. Is this the right way to do it?

The External users are now privileged and can be assigned ownership of tickets. There are still a
couple of things, howerver, I'd like to button down.

When the External privileged user logs-into the web portal they still have a lot of control over the
interface. I'd like to limit that as much as possible. For example:

* 'RT at a glance' is still completely customisable. I'd like that interface to be immutable for the
external users. Is that possible?
* The 'Home' Menu has a custom dashboard we have created but also 'Update This Menu', 'All
Dashboards' and 'New Dashboard'. How can I remove the latter three menu items?
* Is it possible to remove the 'Search' and 'Tools' menus?
* Under the 'Logged in as ...->Settings' menu, is it possible to choose which items are shown there?

BTW, we are running RT 4.2.0 - we do need to upgrade. Should we move to 4.2.12 or 4.4.0?

Kind regards,

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