[rt-users] API call to get "Created" value of history replies of all tickets

Andrii Iudin andrii at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 14 05:51:08 EDT 2016

Hello All,

We are using RT 4.2.12 through API to allow the communication between 
the users of our deposition system and the reviewers of those 
depositions. We have a single RT user which is used by our deposition 
system to create and manage tickets for all depositors. Each deposition 
has an ID associated with it and this ID is stored as a custom field for 
each ticket. We have a page that displays the list of all depositions. 
If there is a new message available, then a notification is displayed 
near the deposition in this list. Whether the message is new or not is 
determined based on the "Created" value of the last reply to the ticket. 
This value is compared with the corresponding value in the database and 
each time the ticket history is opened through our deposition system the 
database's value is updated.

The problem lies in getting the "Created" value of the last reply for 
each deposition. This is done through a query

However, since this has to be done for all the depositions' unresolved 
tickets, the loading of the page with the deposition list can take a 
long time (each API call is about 200 ms or more). Please could you tell 
if there is a query available to get the history for all the tickets in 
the queue in one go? We can then parse the result to obtain the 
necessary last reply times. Or is there a better way available to see 
the time of the last reply to the ticket, the email and whether it is a 
comment or not?

Best regards,

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