[rt-users] Recover original scripts in RT

yugi uriboxmobile at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 13:32:06 EDT 2016

I have one RT that is in production, that had suffer some deletes on the scripts that do the send of the emails …

I tried to create new ones to do RT send emails in CC and BCC again but without success.
The platform itself is working great and i can send and receive emails from it when i do a comment or respond to a ticket.
The problem is when i want to send a response or a comment and want CC or BCC ….

This is a platform that was not created by me and this problem was caused by the last people that managed the RT.
I would like to recover the original scripts in a way to try to fix the problem …

Is this possible ?
Anyone have tried, and can give me a tip???

thank s 

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