[rt-users] RT 4.4.0: Bulk Update doesn't offer "Select date" CFs

Kevin Buckley kevin.buckley.ecs.vuw.ac.nz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 01:36:20 EDT 2016

Upgraded from 4.4.0rc1 to 4.4.0 so as to be able to use

Noticed that Bulk Updates now works for Assets: deep joy !

Couldn't see two CFs that are defined as EntryHint "Select date"
in the list of things to update in bulk: deep sorrow !

Just in case it's a local config thing, I had associated these two
"dates" so that they appear within the Dates dialog area

        'RT::Asset' => {
                'Dates'  => ['Purchased', 'Warranty End'],
                'Basics' => ['Model', 'Supp Site ID', 'Support S/N'],
        'RT::User' => {
                'Phones' => ['Eml'],

Is that likely to have removed those CFs from the list of CFs that get presented
to the Bulk Update page, or don't "dates" apppear there at present ?

Kevin M. Buckley

eScience Consultant
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand

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