[rt-users] Changing ticket shape/format

Primoz Jeroncic primoz at softnet.si
Tue Mar 29 10:52:13 EDT 2016

Hi guys

I'm trying to find this on web (wiki, docs...) but with no luck.
Currently our ticket look like default RT ticket, [domain.com #xxxx],
but it's obviously too much for certain people to comprehend this and
include whole ticket in subject, so instead of replying to already
opened ticket, we are getting new tickets with every new mail, as they
"forget" to include brackets, or domain or they "invent" whole new
format of existing ticket.
To make thing easier even for most brain dead people, I would like to
change ticket from [domain.com #xxxx] to something more simple, like
XY#xxxx. No brackets, no spaces, no domains just simple two or 3 letters
following by (hash)number.
Any suggestion where and how this could be done, would be greatly
I know I shouldn't do this, as I remove any connection with old tickets,
so once mail comes with old ticket id, it will create new ticket, but I
can live with this. I can manually find and merge those few newly
created tickets which would refer to old ones, and even if not, it won't
be end of the world, as it's certainly less annoying then manually
merging endless amount of tickets every day, as some people can't leave
subject line intact.

Thanks for all the help!

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