[rt-users] Display custom fields in a ticket

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant at bayer.com
Tue Mar 29 16:49:53 EDT 2016

Joop wrote:

> In 4.2 BP introduced the concept of CustomFieldGrouping where you can

> add CFs to other metadata blocks like Dates or People thats why

> ShowSummary is different.

> Could it be that the configuration variable todo wiht CF-Grouping has

> been modified (incorrectly)??
> Joop

That probably explains it.  Here is the substance of my RT_SiteConfig.pm file:
  Set($rtname, 'XXXXX.COM');
  Set($WebDomain, 'XXXXX');
  Set(@ReferrerWhitelist, qw(AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD:80 XXXXX:80 xxxxx:80));
  Set($WebPath, "/rt");

We don't use the email side at all (the server cannot even send mail), only the web side.

Can you give me the CustomFieldGrouping I need?  We have CF's of the following patterns:
  LookupType  #  Name  Added   Type   Pattern  Status
  Articles    #  CF    XX      ZZZZZ           Enabled
  Articles    #  CF    XX, YY  ZZZZZ           Enabled
  Tickets     #  CF    XX      ZZZZZ  [WWW]    Enabled
  Tickets     #  CF    XX      ZZZZZ           Enabled
  Tickets     #  CF    Global  ZZZZZ  [WWW]    Enabled
  Tickets     #  CF    Global  ZZZZZ           Enabled
With a total of 5 article and 20 ticket CFs.  Two of the latter are test entries.

The RT_Config.pm suggests something of the form:
      'RT::Ticket' => [
          'Grouping Name'     => ['CF Name', 'Another CF'],
          'Another Grouping'  => ['Some CF'],
          'Dates'             => ['Shipped date'],
      'RT::User' => [
          'Phones' => ['Fax number'],

If I have to add to a predefined group, I would like to add to "Basics".

After adding to RT_SiteConfig.pm, I will bounce the web server to verify.

Thanks for your assistance.


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