[rt-users] Clone/Copy User?

Kris Jacobs kjacobs at calhouncountymi.gov
Fri May 6 10:48:24 EDT 2016

User 'jsmith' was an executive director.  He has moved on & taken another job.
I have disabled his account & removed him from group memberships.

User 'bhollis' is a new employee in the executive director position - same Location, Phone Numbers, Custom Fields data as 'jsmith'.

Is there a way I can simply clone/copy 'jsmith' to a new user account for 'bhollis' - without having to re-enter all the data for Location, Phone Numbers, Custom Fields, etc.?


Kris Jacobs
Network Administrator
Calhoun County IT Department
161 E Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI  49014
269.969.6813 w
269.282.4323 m

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