[rt-users] Angular web page breaks when I try to access it from the local/html directory of RT 4.4.2

Keith Creasy kcreasy at aph.org
Wed May 11 13:48:20 EDT 2016


I have a page that works if I am logged into rT and run it from my local public_html directory. It uses RT 4.4.2, the REST API and Angular.js.


If I try to run it using a URI like


I get an error, "Illegal character in rt-progress.js at line 173:16. The character there is just a comma and belongs there. In any case it's exactly the same script just accessed from a different html directory.

We have a similar script, that doesn't use angular.js, that works.

Any idea if RT is simply not compatible with Angular.js markup?

Is there any hope of updating RT to be more REST and json compliant as well as making it so it doesn't try to mangle scripts?


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