[rt-users] automatically move tickets based on destination (queue) email address

Jake Harrop jake at safetynet-it.com
Fri May 13 09:40:00 EDT 2016


Is there any way to move tickets into a queue dependent on what the correspondence address is ?  For example, we have 2 queues, Quotes & Bookings with corresponding email addresses associated with them (quotes@ & bookings@).  Occasionally, a client will respond to an old quote ticket, but will send their email to bookings@, obviously assuming that by sending it to bookings@, it will be converted to a booking.

Unfortunately all that seems to happen is that the old quote ticket gets reopened, but remains on the Quotes queue.  What we would like to happen is that for that ticket to get reopened and moved into the bookings queue, where someone will then deal with it.

I've been through the mailing list and I've found this scrip, which will update the queue dependent on the sender address, but we want it to be dependent on the recipient (i.e. queue) address:

if ($self->TicketObj->IsWatcher(Type => 'Requestor', Email =>
'bookings [at] company)) {
my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->SetQueue('Bookings');
die $msg unless ($status);
return 1;

What do I need to change in the above to make it do what I want it to ?


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