[rt-users] SSO (Single Sign-On) for RT

t s zzzz67 at hotmail.com
Tue May 17 13:06:22 EDT 2016

Anyone have any direction on how to set up SSO for RT for Windows Active Directory?

I am currently in the middle of following this set of directions from a SafeSquid app (https://www.safesquid.com/content-filtering/integrating-linux-host-windows-ad-kerberos-sso-authentication) that seems like it would mostly apply to set up the service principals, user accounts, etc.  This seems like the best set of directions I could find, unless anyone knows of any that are better?  Most sites seem to assume Kerberos is already set up and working with the appropriate permissions.


Integrating a Linux Host with a Windows AD for Kerberos ...<https://www.safesquid.com/content-filtering/integrating-linux-host-windows-ad-kerberos-sso-authentication>
Validate that IP of all our systems are resolvable by our DNS provider. Add the Linux host safesquid1 as a New Host in the DNS server's configuration such that it's ...

And I am using:

Set($WebExternalAuth , 1);
Set($WebFallbackToInternalAuth , undef);
Set($WebExternalGecos , undef);
Set($WebExternalAuto , undef);

with the ExternalAuth extension.

Also using nginx with mod_auth_kerb.


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