[rt-users] Slowness engine change after Mysql

Sebastian Parada sparada at uc.cl
Fri Nov 4 15:56:41 EDT 2016

Hello, can anyone help me ? :(

On 11/10/16 11:24, Sebastian Parada wrote:
> Hi there,
> We are experiencing some issues and would like to have your opinion.
> I have an installation of rt_4.0.10, with mysql 5.1 on a redhat 5 OS.
> We have upgraded the Mysql to release 5.7 and the OS to Centos release 
> 7, keeping the RT release 4.0.10. Once upgraded, the RT system start 
> to have performance issues, taking about 1 minute to display the 
> starting windows, more or less. We have noted that it depends on how 
> many users are connected.
> Considering this, i would like to know if someone has noted tha same 
> issue or similar, or if maybe the Mysql and Centos releases currently 
> installed could be generating issues with the RT.
> We know that we have to upgrade the RT release, but before that, i 
> would like to know the root cause of this performance issue.
> Thanks in advance. Your opinion or diagnose would be appreciated.
> Regards.

Sebastian Parada Ríos
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Subdirección Operaciones y Plataforma
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Teléfono: (56 2) 354 1323

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