[rt-users] Greetings to recent adopters of RT and invitation for group study

Reza reza.toronto at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 10:51:57 EST 2016

I guess we will decide about the app later on.

Focus of this thread is to see who is interested to participate in group 
study.  There are hundreds of apps and possibilities we can address 
later on.   Simplest is telephone conference and I'm assuming most of us 
are in North America.  Long Distance is also cheap these days and I'm 
sure most of us residing in North America and/or Europe would not mind 
spending 1 or 2 cents per minute (60 cents to $1.20) for an hour of 
group session study.  From my cell phone plan (Toronto Canada), along 
with my friends from the United States, I know we all have unlimited 
free long distance calling across North America (Mexico not included).

Per online-screen sharing, again, there are hundreds of free apps, 
YouTube life feeds etc etc etc.,  but lets remain on track and see how 
many would be interested to join an online virtual conference type 
setting and with the spirit of group study, we can definitely find a 

So far the list is:

 1. Alex (United States)
 2. Myself (Canada)
 3. Bengan (Sweden)
 4. Vinzenz (Germany - can we included you in as well?)
 5. ...  List yourself here, if you are interested. Thanks!


Bengt Gördén wrote on 11/22/2016 9:50 AM:
> Den 2016-11-22 kl. 14:43, skrev Sinapius, Vinzenz:
>> I recommend https://discordapp.com
> Is there video at discordapp.com?
> regards,
> /bengan
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