[rt-users] Calculating the number of emails/replies/correspondences per ticket

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Hi Landon,

Thanks for the reply.
In your implementation, what kind of charts can you make with those CFs?

We classify our tickets by subject matter so the chart I'm seeing is basically grouped by three CFs.  It basically shows that X staff replies are made for every Y client replies broken down by each classification.   It's not perfect but I haven't looked into using the calculation part of the graphing yet for CFs.

I have implemented a "Number of Emails" CF before with a similar implementation as your second approach, but when charting I can only use it for grouping. So the table would look something like:
Number of Emails | Ticket count
             0                            53
             1                            89
             2                            25
Further, wouldn't all tickets that already exist in my database have "(no value)" for the new CF? My understanding is that the new CF would only "kick in" for new tickets.
I might re-consider implementing a CF again, but something similar to your first approach. The second approach is definitely more efficient, but my supervisor has asked that I implement it in a way that it is drawing from the data in the database rather than incrementing a counter, which could end up being less reliable.

I think I would consider doing some creative joins and subqueries with the mysql tables to get this information instead but it will get complicated really quickly.  I should have mentioned that after I used the second approach I described I had to update all the tickets with the first approach in order to get everything caught up but I only have to do it once after the second approach was finished and working.

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