List of assets in SelfService

Dimitris Maniadakis chaniadimitris at
Mon Oct 10 08:52:45 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,
I have RT 4.4.1rc1 installed and need your help on the appearance of Assets in SelfService.

Thus far, I have selected that a user in SelfService can see the Assets menu and can also see the listing of Assets he/she is: a.Owner b.Held By c.Contact.
There appears the Name and the Description of each asset.
If he/she selects any of these assets, then the details appear, for example Custom fields (manufacturer, serial number, etc) and People (owner, held by, contact).

However, I would like to have the information about People (owner, held by, contact) in the main listing, along with the Name and Description. Thus, I need to have five columns in the list of assets: Name, Description, Owner, Held By, Contact.

How could this be done? What files should I modify and how?

Thank you in advance,

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