[rt-users] Bad characters in names loaded from LDAP (AD)

Jan Burian burian at vsup.cz
Tue Oct 11 05:51:07 EDT 2016

Hi Bill,

thank you for your response. Sry not to mention our database.
We use PostreSQL.
After I wrote first email a also checked encoding in database.

The database was with following parameters:
   Name    | Encoding |      Collate     |       Ctype
      rt4      |  UTF8       | en_US.UTF-8 | en_US.UTF-8

1) I dump database with UTF-8 encoding parameter.
2) Then I drop the databases.
3) Create new database with following parameters:

   Name    | Encoding |      Collate     |       Ctype
      rt4      |  UTF8       | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | cs_CZ.UTF-8

4) And then import database from dump.

But after that change names are loading from LDAP still with bad
characters :-/.

When the user writes first email to queue, then is also autocreated as
unprivileged. If he/she was his/her name in From header, then is used as
RealName RT attribute. But in this case is his/her name saved correctly.

*Example from the log - autocreated from LDAP:*
[6937] [Tue Sep 27 15:59:25 2016] [info]:
RT::User::CanonicalizeUserInfoFromExternalAuth returning Disabled: ,
EmailAddress: novak at vsup.cz, Gecos: novak, Name: novak, Privileged: 1,
RealName: Matouš Novák, WorkPhone:  (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/User.pm:811)
[6937] [Tue Sep 27 15:59:25 2016] [info]: Autocreated external user
novak ( 61 ) (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Authen/ExternalAuth.pm:356)
[6937] [Tue Sep 27 15:59:25 2016] [info]:
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::LDAP::GetAuth External Auth OK ( My_LDAP ):
novak (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Authen/ExternalAuth/LDAP.pm:348)
[6937] [Tue Sep 27 15:59:26 2016] [info]:
RT::User::CanonicalizeUserInfoFromExternalAuth returning EmailAddress:
novak at vsup.cz, Name: novak, *RealName: Matouš Novák*, WorkPhone: 
**Example from the log - autocreated from email:*
[6026] [Mon Oct 10 06:26:02 2016] [info]:
RT::User::CanonicalizeUserInfoFromExternalAuth returning Comments:
Autocreated on ticket submission, Disabled: , EmailAddress:
Tereza.Skvarova at seznam.cz, Name: Tereza.Skvarova at seznam.cz, Privileged:
, *RealName: Tereza Škvárová* (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/User.pm:811)

Any other ideas?

Best regards
Jan Burian

On 11.10.2016 05:41, Bill Cole wrote:
> On 10 Oct 2016, at 16:26, Jan Burian wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we have RT 4.4.0 on CentOS 7 and Perl v5.22.1. And we are starting to
>> use RT in production.
>> We configured RT to authenticate users via LDAP
>> (RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::LDAP). Our LDAP server is MS AD (Win 2008
>> R2).
> [...]
>> Authentication is working fine. Users can log in, if the user doesn't
>> exist in RT the account is autocreated. All the configured attributes
>> are transferred.
> This is a strong sign that the LDAP part is working correctly. If the
> LDAP server (AD) and client (Perl's Net::LDAP module) are using
> mismatched encodings, it is likely to show up in authentication
> failures due to incompatible encodings of the same (logical)
> characters that 8-bit encodings assign to byte values 0x80-0xff.
> Fortunately, it is somewhere between arcane and impossible to make
> Net::LDAP use anything other than UTF-8. There's *probably* some way
> to make it do T.61 for ancient-history compatibility, but that's
> mostly pointless.
> [...]
>> We had similar problem with Moodle. When we configured Moodle against
>> Active Directory and set cp1250 encoding, then it was doing exactly same
>> thing. After we changed encoding for LDAP connector to utf-8 then the
>> names was
>> corrected.
> Which makes sense: LDAP v3 by default uses UTF-8 and you have a modern
> system with a mature LDAP client. I know of no way to configure a
> CentOS 7/Perl 5.22 system such that the LDAP interaction with an AD
> LDAP server talking UTF-8 would be the source of this sort of encoding
> conflict. I'm mildly surprised that anything talking LDAPv3 can be
> made to use cp1250 encoding, but I suppose Microsoft makes their own
> rules to go along with their own unique code pages.
> [...]
>> Also I red thath MS AD in LDAP protocol version 3 returns any string to
>> LDAP client in utf-8 encoding.
>> I really don't know where could be a problem.
> The most likely place is in your database. I'm guessing that you are
> using MySQL, which defaults to latin1 encoding. When you store a UTF-8
> string into a latin1 table, it breaks any multi-byte characters into 2
> or 3 characters, but the right bits are still there. This issue has
> come up a few times on this list over the past decade and I think Best
> Practical has documented how to safely convert a RT database with that
> sort of problem from latin1 to utf8. It is probably worth looking
> through their docs (possibly one of the UPGRADING* files?) and the RT
> Wiki for a solution. I expect it could be done with a binary dump of
> the database, altering of any latin1 tables to use utf8, and a
> re-import of the binary dump. I'm not enough of a MySQL expert to
> detail that process (I generally use Postgres where possible.)
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