[rt-users] rt-setup-fulltext-index dropped DB connections with MySQL

James Zuelow James.Zuelow at juneau.org
Fri Oct 14 12:31:33 EDT 2016

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> We have also run into a possible mysql bug related to indexing starting in
> version 5.6.29. The symptom is similar to your report and we saw this sort of
> error in the mysql log:
> InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 140011690678016 in file row0merge.cc line
> 794
> At the time our solution was to revert back to mysql 5.6.28 which didn't have
> the issue. We don't know yet if this is fixed in a newer release.

OK.  I don't have this exact error, but I do see that MySQL 5.6.31 is supposed to resolve an issue with InnoDB fulltext indices crashing the server.

So I think I'm waiting for 5.6.31 to enter Debian - hopefully before Wheezy freezes or it will be messy.

> On 10/14/16 1:29 AM, Alex Vandiver wrote:

> > For reference, your perl versions are not comprehensible.  Wheezy
> > ships perl 5.14.2, per https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/perl, and
> > there has never been a perl version 5.2 or 5.4 -- 5.002 was released
> > in 1996,
> > 5.004 in 1997, and 5.6 in 2000.

Sorry, a typo on my part.  I have Perl 5.22.2 installed, not 5.2.22.

> >
> > Check your "max_allowed_packet" setting in mysqld.  The most common
> > cause is the MySQL client (here, rt-fulltext-indexer) sending
> > something in the MySQL wire protocol which is larger than that limit,
> > which causes the server to unceremoniously drop the connection.
> >
> > Raise that limit and restart mysql, and it should resolve the issue.

I started at 256M, and slowly raised it to 4096M without success.

I will experiment with Debian Snapshots and see if I can roll back MySQL to 5.6.28, and report what happens.


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