[rt-users] Group Rights

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant at bayer.com
Fri Oct 28 15:41:48 EDT 2016

Ron Yacketta writes:
>Are group rights Additive? We have a Group that contains other groups with
>certain granted rights, we would like to give one of the included groups
>the ability to mange users.
>Will RT grant all the rights allowed in the Containing group as well as
>those assigned directly to the group?

>From my brief inspection of code a while back, this is how I say it organized:
1) Every created user gets linked to a group newly created just for them.
2) Groups can only hold other groups.
3) This means that there does not need to be special code to determine if a group member is a group or a user.
4) Rights are additive.
5) Calculate as follows:
   A) Find the linked group of a member.
   B) Set rights to the rights of that group.
   C) For each group that this group is a member, do the following:
      i) Add the rights of this enclosing group
      ii) Recourse for all groups enclosing the enclosing group
6) Resulting rights is what that user has.
7) Perform similar calculations for user/queue or other combination

>From other tidbits left by the RT folks, making code to mask off rights is not something they want to do, as it makes things much more complicated.

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