[rt-users] Odd behavior when arrowing through navigation menu

Alex Hall ahall at autodist.com
Fri Sep 2 16:51:09 EDT 2016

Hello all,
I mentioned before that I use a screen reader on all my computers. I've
noticed something strange today while starting to set up RT: things expand
if I arrow down past them, but not up. For instance, there's a six-item
menu of links on every page--home, search, articles, tools, etc. If I arrow
up this menu, NVDA announces only the six links. However, If I reverse
direction and try to arrow through the menu moving down, each of the six
links expands and puts another list below it, with related items.

First, I'm wondering if the developers could update this menu so that these
links are exposed as menus, or whatever they are, properly. Second, I'm
hoping there's a way they can make it so that arrowing in *either*
direction doesn't expand anything, and only space, enter, or a click will
do that. Is there anything simple I could do locally to make that happen
somehow? Thanks.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
ahall at autodist.com
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