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Okay, I think I get it. Users themselves are never added to queues.
Instead, much like making users admins, you create groups with the
privieleges you want on a given queue, then add users to those groups.

We have a guy in Graphics who also does technology work. I'd create a
Graphics queue and an IT queue, then a graphics_admin group, a
graphics_staff group, an it_admin group, and an it_staff group, setting
permissions as appropriate. Finally, I'd add this guy to both
graphics_staff and it_staff, thus making him a member of both queues.
Hopefully I have this right, because it make a lot of sense.

On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 3:48 AM, Joop <jvdwege at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> On 4-9-2016 1:34, Alex Hall wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm in the process of setting up RT for testing in the company I work for.
> I get groups and users now, and I know what queues are for. What I can't
> find is how to add users to queues. Memberships for a user only includes
> groups.
> As I understand it, a queue is a logical grouping of tickets by topic. We
> might have an IT queue, a customer service queue, a graphics design queue,
> and so on. That way, users can open tickets for a given queue, and those in
> that queue would be notified and could act on the ticket. That's where I'm
> stuck, though: how do I get users to be part of queues, so they get ticket
> notifications and access? Or, like making users admins, am I thinking about
> this the wrong way round? Thanks!
> You can add groups on a queue level of global. On a queue level you can
> only add a subset of rights of that of a global group but the way you add
> groups is the same.
> Goto Admin/Queues and select a queue, goto the group rights tab and when
> the page with rights appear you can ADD GROUP on the bottom left. Start
> typing a new name to add a ne group and assign right to that group from the
> 3 tabs on the left. Put some users into that group and they should only be
> able to do what has been assign to that queue.
> Watch out for rights you add globally to predefined groups. If you add
> SuperUser to Everyone you can't revoke that right on a lower level!.
> The way I test is either by using the extension BecomeUser or to have two
> browsers open, one with the admin interface and one with a user in the
> groups I'm doing admin on. Refreshing the page in the latter is enough to
> see the effect of rights added or removed in the admin one.
> You can use the groups to make them watchers on a queue and then they will
> receive email. What probably will work is to have two sets of groups, one
> for notifications and one for access, like IT_Admin_Access vs
> IT_Admin_Notif. I have gone for the single group variant.
> I have partitioned access/notification mostly into 3 parts, _Admin, _User,
> _Extern, so for a queue of IT I have 3 groups:
>    - IT_Admin contains the people who can do almost anything in this
>    queue, add/remove people, rights, except system rights etc
>    - IT_User contains the people doing the actual work on tickets, so
>    they can change their on dashboards/searches/profile etc
>    - IT_Extern contains the few people outside of our org that need
>    access to the tickets their org has made and where SelfService isn't
>    enough, they see for example no comments, no tickets in other queues, can't
>    change much
> You can add rights to these 3 groups on 3 different levels: Global, Queue
> and Group level then add then to the queue under Group Rights and under
> Watchers where I add the _Admin and _User as AdminCC's and the _Extern as
> CC roles so that the external orgs don't see our internal (Comment)
> communication.
> Hope this clears things up, a little. If not let us know and we'll try to
> help.
> Joop
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