[rt-users] Problems with RT::ExternalAuth::LDAP After Upgrading to 4.4

Shawn M Moore shawn at bestpractical.com
Wed Sep 7 12:19:14 EDT 2016

> On Sep 7, 2016, at 12:13, Tim Gustafson <tjg at ucsc.edu> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Tim,

> I'm trying to upgrade my RT instance from 4.2 to 4.4.  I use
> RT::ExternalAuth::LDAP to authenticate users from my OpenLDAP server.
> This configuration has been working perfectly in RT 4.2 (and earlier
> versions) for years.  After upgrading to RT 4.4, I am not able to log
> in to RT at all.  My RT_SiteConfig.pm and rt-log.txt files are
> attached.

Sorry about the trouble.

Which specific version of RT are you upgrading to? If you're upgrading to 4.4.0, you'll need to be aware that a new config setting is required, which doesn't appear in your config:

Set($ExternalAuth, 1);

In RT 4.4.1 we've removed the requirement to set this config.

> Tim Gustafson
> tjg at ucsc.edu
> 831-459-5354
> Baskin Engineering, Room 313A


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