[rt-users] FW: Query for custom fields using 'NOT LIKE' is no longer working

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Apologies. I keep forgetting that replies to this list go to the sender and not to the list…

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Subject: RE: [rt-users] Query for custom fields using 'NOT LIKE' is no longer working

Hi. I think I now know the problem but haven’t confirmed it yet.

We just created a new queue for requests submitted by beta testors. It’s sort of an approval queue though we are not using the built-in __approval queue, it’s just a regular queue. A “Type” custom field was created in it with different values from the existing Type field. I suspect that RT is matching the first field with the name CF.{Type} it finds. The reason is that if you use the field id CF.{11} it works.

CF.{11} NOT LIKE ‘Epic’

If this is a solution I’ll let you know but it is equally strange that “LIKE” works while “NOT LIKE” does not.

Is this a bug in RT?

I try to apply a single CF to multiple queues if it has the same name so it is treated the same.  Apart from that though - do you need to use LIKE?  Can you use != instead?  eg. CF.{cfname} != 'EPIC'.  I wonder if you have the same problem using != instead but yeah it does sound like a bug to me.  I did notice that you had strange quotations again though but I trust you are just using regular single quotes in actuality.

CF.{11} NOT LIKE ‘Epic’

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