[rt-users] Moving Tickets in Bulk

Tim Gustafson tjg at ucsc.edu
Mon Sep 12 12:08:44 EDT 2016

We just finished importing around 50,000 tickets from one RT instance
into another instance with its own large collection of tickets.  The
rt-importer script put them into new queues (which we expected) rather
than the ones we had already created in the destination system for the
cut-over.  I went in to start moving tickets from the imported queues
into the correct ones, and noticed that it's kinda slow, and it's
sending notification e-mails (via scrips) for each move.

What's the safest way to move tickets from one queue to another in
bulk without sending notification e-mails?  Is it safe to just do:

update Tickets set queue = 1234 where queue = 4321

in Postgres?  I don't care so much if the ticket's transaction history
doesn't show the move.


Tim Gustafson
tjg at ucsc.edu
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

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