[rt-users] Database again stuck at SQLite?

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 11:06:39 EDT 2016

Hi Alex,

No problem, glad you have it working.


On 2016-09-14 14:44, Alex Hall wrote:
> Thank you! It's working now, and I see what you mean about the
> rt4-db-* package installations. RT is finally running on our new
> server!
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 10:02 AM, Martin Wheldon
> <martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> I've not run a Debian packaged install for a long time, but looking
>> at the package dependancies
>> I think the following may help.
>> How did you do the package install? If you ran the following it
>> should just work.
>> $ sudo apt-get install request-tracker4 rt4-db-mysql
>> If however you just installed the request-tracker4 package it would
>> install rt4-db-sqlite and you
>> will experience all kinds of issues like the ones you are
>> describing.
>> The following should fix your issues:
>> $ sudo apt-get remove --purge request-tracker4 rt4-*
>> $ sudo apt-get autoremove
>> $ sudo apt-get install request-tracker4 rt4-db-mysql
>> Hope that helps
>> Martin
>> On 2016-09-14 13:00, Alex Hall wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm getting a bit desperate. I have no idea why the setting in
>> 51-dbconfig-common and the main SiteConfig.pm file are both 'mysql',
>> but the error when my FCGI server starts clearly indicates that RT
>> is
>> trying to connect to a SQLite database. I've run
>> update-rt-siteconfig,
>> and I've tried to run dbconfig-common; the latter doesn't exist, and
>> I
>> just get an error from the shell that it doesn't know the command.
>> The
>> former works fine, as indicated by all the settings being in the .pm
>> file, but never actually seems to apply those settings for some
>> reason.
>> I've even re-installed both RT and rt4-db-mysql, but that didn't
>> make
>> any difference as, for some reason, the initial package
>> configuration
>> for RT didn't appear. I've also changed the database type in
>> /etc/dbconfig-common/request-tracker4.conf, but again, to no avail.
>> Perhaps there's a way of applying dbconfig-common changes I don't
>> know?
>> If anyone has any ideas about how I might get RT on the right
>> backend,
>> please, please send them along. We haven't been able to move RT to a
>> local server, and thus start testing it with a wider pool of users,
>> for two days because of this problem. My boss isn't happy, and I'm
>> stuck.
>> On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Alex Hall <ahall at autodist.com>
>> wrote:
>> Just a quick update. I've now tried changing the port and database
>> username, then re-applying the settings with update-rt-siteconfig.
>> They change just fine. Yet, the error in the log is still regarding
>> SQLite3, even though the database type is very clearly set to mysql.
>> I have no idea why the setting is right, but RT refuses to use it.
>> Please, if anyone knows how to troubleshoot this or re-run the
>> initial database setup, let me know. Thanks.
>> On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 7:07 AM, Alex Hall <ahall at autodist.com>
>> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I emailed last week asking a lot of questions, among them how to
>> get my RT installation over to MySQL instead of SQLite3. Having
>> moved to a company server, I'm again configuring RT, and I'm again
>> stuck here. During the install, I accidentally hit enter at the
>> database prompt rather than first hitting M. I figured I could
>> change it later, so wasn't worried about it, especially as I'm now
>> comfortable with how to update settings in RT.
>> Yet, I can't seem to manage it. I've gone into
>> RT_SiteConfig.d51dbconfig-common and made the changes, then issued
>> update-rt-siteconfig
>> and gotten confirmation that my configuration file was replaced,
>> but the log continues to show that RT is trying to connect to
>> SQLite. I've also restarted the RT service, and there's no server
>> to restart since this database error kills the FCGI server
>> immediately after it spawns. I've even restarted Nginx, though it
>> shouldn't make a difference. I know there's a command to re-run
>> the database configuration wizard, but I can't find it anywhere.
>> Two things, then. What's the command to re-configure the database
>> settings, and why might changing them in RT_SiteConfig.d and then
>> running update-rt-siteconfig not make the changes I want? Thanks!
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