[rt-users] Some users getting CSRF warnings when creating tickets?

Sean Cwiek cwieks at mcls.org
Tue Sep 27 08:23:19 EDT 2016

Hey Alex,

We’ve seen this when users are jumping between the http and https versions of our RT instance.  Advising everyone to login at the https address seemed to resolve it for us.



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Hi all,
We're starting to have more people test RT now. Oddly, the two who just started trying it out get CSRF warnings when they try to make or update tickets, while no one else does. They are using Chrome, but so is a guy who is *not* getting the warnings. We're all in the same building, thus on the same network. Any idea why this might be happening? My Nginx log for RT doesn't include anything about this, and my RT log is empty. Thanks.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
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