[rt-users] SLA Extension - searching for tickets with SLA not set

Jeffrey Pilant jeffrey.pilant.ext at bayer.com
Wed Feb 1 12:27:41 EST 2017

Chris McClement writes:
>I can't figure out how to search for a field (specifically, "SLA") that is
>Tickets that are emailed to our helpdesk are inserted into a "Helpdesk"
>queue and from there an operator reviews the content and then assigns the
>ticket to the relevant queue.
>The "Helpdesk" queue does not have an SLA assigned to it, but the
>downstream queues do.  What's been happening, though, is that tickets
>transferred from "Helpdesk" to "Queue1" (not it's real name) aren't picking
>up the SLA default setting. Instead, the SLA field is unset.
>If I search for tickets with SLA = 'STANDARD' I get results showing tickets
>that have that SLA value.
>If I search for tickets with SLA != 'STANDARD' I only get tickets that have
>the SLA field set (URGENT or CRITICAL, for example). But I don't get the
>hundreds of tickets that don't have the SLA field set at all.
>Does anyone know the syntax to use to search for a field that is unset?

On 9 Dec 2016, Matt Zagrabelny wrote:
>... you can search for
>tickets with empty CF values using the Advanced editing option of a
>'CF.{bar}' is null
In reply to a question about searching CF.{bar}

Maybe you can do something similar.


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