[rt-users] Pre-configure users "RT At A Glance" with specific elements - Default Dashboards?

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Mon Feb 13 11:09:05 EST 2017

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 03:53:41PM +0000, Cena, Stephen (ext. 300) wrote:
> We have an instance of RT that is shared across three departments.  Each department only needs to be able to see specific queues. Due to the way permissions work in RT, all the queues are visible. My idea to fix the "display" problem is to rewrite some of the widgets to only include the desired queues (ex: 10 unonwned now is 10 tickets unowned in queues I should see). Is there a way that I can pre-populate my users "RT At A Glance" with specific elements that are germane to the specific user? (Dept A user gets widgets A-J, Dept B gets A-D,K, etc) or can I create custom Dashboards and somehow instruct RT to use them as the "home screen"?
> Thanks!

Hi Stephen,

We do this with standard RT permissions. We put the users in a group, and only
members of that group can see/work on tickets in their queue. They do not see
any other qeueus. I think you just need to look at your current ACLs more


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