[rt-users] Pre-configure users "RT At A Glance" with specific elements - Default Dashboards?

Thomas Bätzler t.baetzler at bringe.com
Mon Feb 13 11:26:45 EST 2017

Hey Stephen,


*  We have an instance of RT that is shared across three departments.  Each
department only needs to be able to see specific queues. Due to the way
permissions work in RT, all the queues are visible. My idea to fix the
“display” problem is to rewrite some of the widgets to only include the

*   queues (ex: 10 unonwned now is 10 tickets unowned in queues I should
see). Is there a way that I can pre-populate my users “RT At A Glance” with
specific elements that are germane to the specific user? (Dept A user gets
widgets A-J, Dept B gets A-D,K, etc) or can I create custom Dashboards and

*   somehow instruct RT to use them as the “home screen”?


If all your users are seeing all of your queues “you’re doing it wrong” ;-)


It’s been a while since I set this up for our site, but assuming that you
have your users properly assigned to departmental groups, you can give the
“view queue” privilege per queue to whichever group needs to see that queue
in “admin queue” => “group rights”. Then make sure that the system
groups/roles don’t have that privilege. Be prepared to logout/login
frequently while you figure this out ;-)


A basic setup might look something like this:


System rights:

                Everyone: comment, create, reply to tickets (nothing else).
This is needed so that Fred Customer can create a ticket via email without
being set up in RT.

                Privileged/Unprivileged: nothing – it’s already covered  by



                Nothing allowed per Role – we do this via user groups


User Groups:

                dept/customer: View Queue, Summaries

                admins: View Queue, lots of privileges


 but it really depends on what you’re trying to do. We’re an IT shop so we
have at least one queue per customer, and the guys who work with me have the
rights (if not the inclination ;-)) to do most anything. When you share RT
across multiple departments your requirements might force you to be a bit
more restrictive when giving out privileges. Just remember that RT might
cache permissions for the duration of a session.



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