[rt-users] Assets with 'dynamic' titles

Dippery, Kyle kyle.dippery at uky.edu
Tue Feb 21 16:26:52 EST 2017


If you copy Asset.pm from its home to $RT4/local/lib/RT/Asset_Local.pm, you can modify the Create subroutine (and then probably delete all the routines that you don't override).  I'd aim for someplace around lines 222-231 (of the original file):

222     my $catalog = RT::Catalog->new( $self->CurrentUser );
223     $catalog->Load($args{'Catalog'});
225     $args{'Catalog'} = $catalog->id;
227     return (0, $self->loc("Permission Denied"))
228         unless $catalog->CurrentUserHasRight('CreateAsset');
230     return (0, $self->loc('Invalid Name (names may not be all digits)'))
231         unless $self->ValidateName( $args{'Name'} );

If you create a Catalog for "Things that don't have a specific name", you can search for its $catalog->id, then generate the name for assets that are in that catalog.  Something like:

227     return (0, $self->loc("Permission Denied"))
228         unless $catalog->CurrentUserHasRight('CreateAsset');
230 # This code snippet is not tested.  Please hack at it in a test environment before relying on it.
231 # let's make some assumptions
232 # - "Things that don't have a specific name" is Catalog #2
233 # - Type of Thing ('HDD', for example) is Custom Field #12
234 # - Manufacturer is Custom Field #23
235 # - Serial Number is Custom Field #48
236 if ($catalog->id==2) {
237     $args{'Name'} = $args{'CustomField-12'} . ' ' . $args{'CustomField-23'} . ' '. $args{'CustomField-48'};
238 }
240     return (0, $self->loc('Invalid Name (names may not be all digits)'))
241         unless $self->ValidateName( $args{'Name'} );

(Offhand, I don't know for certain that $catalog->id will be numeric, and not a string.  You might need to use a string comparison in the if statement.)

Good luck,
Kyle Dippery
Engineering Computing Services
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I'm wanting to use Assets to track, well, our assets. But I'll be
tracking hard drives and a few other components as well which don't
have a specific name . Is it possible to have the subject dynamically
generated using a combination of Custom Fields and even potentially

Ideally I'd have something like:

HDD $manufacturer $serial_number

Where $manufacturer $serial_number both come from Custom Fields.


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