[rt-users] ***SPAM*** Re: How unprivileged users could see all tickets in their queue

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 05:48:39 EST 2017

Apologies, if I remove the owner the CustomRole solution doesn't work.

Best Regards


On 2017-01-05 16:37, Felix Defrance wrote:
> Hi,
> In your example you said :
> "I've got 2 unprivileged users with a single queue, each being the
> owner of multiple tickets in that queue."
> But in my case, the users is a customer, and they never owner of the
> tickets.
> So, the users see only the tickets they are requestor.
> I would like to provide to a set of user, the ablillity to see all
> ticket requestor in the queue..
> Felix.
> Le 05/01/2017 à 16:00, Martin Wheldon a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> No need to add the custom role to the tickets, just to the queue.
>> Best Regards
>> Martin
>> On 2017-01-05 14:26, Felix Defrance wrote:
>> Le 05/01/2017 à 12:22, Alex Hall a écrit :
>> Martin's suggestion makes sense, but I thought Felix was trying to
>> restrict user search, not ticket search? That is, he doesn't want
>> users to be able to search (and thus view the names of) all users?
>> It's quite early here, so my brain may still be muttled and I could
>> be wrong.
>> Alex, after I see it was possible to display any tickets via the
>> search
>> module, I want to restrict this too.
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>> On Jan 5, 2017, at 06:08, Martin Wheldon
>> <martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi Félix,
>> I've just tried to configure this on a RT 4.4.1 install using a
>> custom role and it seems to work fine.
>> Here is the process I carried out.
>> I've got 2 unprivileged users with a single queue, each being the
>> owner of multiple tickets in that queue.
>> I created a new custom role, then assigned it to the queue. Next I
>> added the users to the custom role. (Done on the queue, watchers
>> tab)
>> The I added the SeeQueue and ShowTickets permissions to the custom
>> role on the queue.
>> Now when I login as either of the users I see all the tickets in
>> that queue owner by those users.
>  In this case, unprivileged users via (SelfService of course), just
> see
> their own tickets. For me, I have just 2 menus: "Tickets" and "Logged
> in
> foobar".
> In Tickets, I just see "Open tickets" and "Closed Tickets". In both
> pages, I just see tickets that users declarated as requestor.
> The custom role not provide an access to see all ticket in the queue
> (as
> elacour told to us).
> Now I understand the goal of the roles, maybe it's possible to
> automaticaly add custom role as a watcher to the right queue on all
> existing tickets and  the futur new ticket.
> Do you think it's possible ?
> Thx
>> Hope that helps
>> Best Regards
>> Martin
>> On 2017-01-04 08:45, Emmanuel Lacour wrote:
>> Le 03/01/2017 à 18:27, Felix Defrance a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> I don't find how I could add ShowTickets or QueueList in
>> SelfService.
>> I want to allow my unprivileged users, grouped by company name, to
>> see all tickets in their queue.
>> The group rights on the queue is correctly defined and users could
>> access to the tickets by entring the ticket number in the "goto
>> Ticket" field (top right in SelfService).
>> I have tried to play with CustomRole but it's not working for me. So
>> anybody known how I can do it?
>> SelfService filters ticket list to tickets the user is watcher on
>> (requestor or Cc). This is hard coded in
>> share/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests:
>> my $id = $session{'CurrentUser'}->id;
>> my $Query = "( Watcher.id = $id )";
>> if ($status) {
>> $status =~ s/(['\\])/\\$1/g;
>> $Query .= " AND Status = '$status'";
>> }
>> so if you wan't to relax this to all tickets users have ShowTicket
>> rights, you have to modify this query ;)
>> But I strongly discourage (unless really needed) to setup an RT
>> instance with one queue per customer, best to think queues per
>> internal support team and play with customroles/groups or
>> customfields
>> to set the customer.
> --
> Félix Defrance
> PGP: 0x0F04DC57

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