[Rtir] Ip address lookup

Greg Kuhnert Greg.Kuhnert at comindico.com.au
Sun Oct 26 16:10:40 EST 2003

RTIR does a great job in handling incidents for static IP allocations,
but what about dynamically address allocation.

Imagine a new table that RTIR could query, that had stored it it IP
address, start, stop, owner .... (created from a radius server, or

This table could be queried just like the whois server click links....

Better still, if RTIR is able to parse an IP address, why not a time
reference? The ability to search this data would be invaluable.

Then: Some additional logic when a new ticket is created

For each IP address in the incident report
	For each time reference in the incident report
		Scan the dynamic table
		if a match is found
			Add a new entry to result set

If the result set has only one entry, paste the result into the incident
report as a comment....

Just a thought............

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