[Rtir] Observations from new RT+RTIR+RTFM

Ulrich Kiermayr ulrich.kiermayr at univie.ac.at
Thu Sep 11 11:23:50 EDT 2003

Hello List,

this is sort of a bulk-Dump of all the things I observed:
First the System:
Mysql 4.1
Apache 1 + modperl 1 + modssl

RT 3.0.5
RTIR 1.0.0

I observed the following:

.) there seems to be a bug in RTIR's installation:
    the permissions of rt3/local/html/Callbacks/
    were set wrong ( so RTIR was not showing up in the Menu-Bar)

.) Every Time I hit a submit-Button [Add More Fields, Search, ...] i get
    my Signature appended to the Mail again.

.) adding an RTFM article always produces an additional


.) Having RTFM articles with no names results in them beeing inserted
    every time I try to insert another article.

.) It would be helpful in RTIR to see closed Investigations/Incident
    reports as well [esp. if the Incident is closed]

.) The how to change the Costituency(s) is very well hidden ;-)

.) in RTIR if I select a Refresh and hit Go, the field contents revert
    to the contens of what I selected in Main RTs HomePage (!).

Some Other things:

I wrote another Tool for RTIR (cut&Paste from Traceroute in reality): 
Nmap an IP (Nmap.html attached, in the Lookup.html it is basically cut 
and paste the traceroute part). and of corse have /usr/local/bin/nmap 

So this was about it ;-)

congrats for what you produced here, * from bestpractical ;-)

lG uk
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