[Rtir] Blocks

Przemek Jaroszewski przemek at cert.pl
Mon Apr 5 03:55:24 EDT 2004

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Gorazd Bozic wrote:

> Przemek Jaroszewski wrote:
> I guess you can create a separate group that can access only tickets in
> Blocks queue and then add users to that group.
> So far I have implemented only one (to us crucial) transition: from
> "pending activation" to "active", the rest is still done manually. I
> have added the following scrip to queue Blocks:

Thanks, Gorazd. I'm still interested in the original idea behind this. For
example, I cannot see a way to change the state of a block from RTIR
manually. I'm stuck with a block in an 'active' state even though it was
removed a while ago. Yes, I know I could enable 'hidden' _RTIR_State field
and modify it from plain RT, but it's not the solution. Is the only way to
handle this to implement a workaround like yours? Jesse, John, anyone?

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