[Rtir] [fsck.com #5790] Bug: Updating a ticket redirects outside RTIR

Przemek Jaroszewski przemek at cert.pl
Wed Jun 30 10:05:29 EDT 2004

The 'Reply' link in the history window of a ticket points outside RTIR.
This results in losing the RTIR's view of an incident after reply and,
more importantly, breaking response time tracking.

The problem was observed in rtir 1.0.5 running on rt 3.0.10 and 3.0.11.

It can be fixed this way:

1. Copy /Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory to /RTIR/Elements/ShowHistory and edit:

Change the following line:
$UpdatePath => $RT::WebPath."/Ticket/Update.html"
$UpdatePath => $RT::WebPath."/RTIR/Update.html"

and this one:
$m->comp( 'ShowTransaction',
$m->comp( '/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction',

2. Then, edit /RTIR/Display.html:

<& /Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory ,
<& /RTIR/Elements/ShowHistory ,

Hope it helps.

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