[Rtir] possible little bug in /RTIR/Incidents/Create.html

Marc Boix mboix at cesca.es
Mon Mar 15 10:09:22 EST 2004

Hi people,

After use the incident create without setting Function parameter, the page
is refreshed (and the message 'Incident creation failed:  Function must be
set.' appears)
If  there are values in the textboxs TimeLeft, TimeWorked and Due, quotes
are add in the %ARGS values. So, after two refresh the values are as

Is correct my little patch or there is any reason to do this as done?

My diff is (First my new code, second old code)

<       <TD><input size=3 name="TimeWorked" value="<% $ARGS{TimeWorked} &&
$ARGS{TimeWorked} || 0 %>"></TD>
>       <TD><input size=3 name="TimeWorked"<% $ARGS{TimeWorked} && "
VALUE=\"$ARGS{TimeWorked}\"" || " VALUE=0" %>></TD>

<       <TD><input size=3 name="TimeLeft" value="<%$ARGS{TimeLeft}%>"></TD>
>       <TD><input size=3 name="TimeLeft"<% $ARGS{TimeLeft} && "
VALUE=\"$ARGS{TimeLeft}\"" %>></TD>

<            <TD><input size=10 name="Due" value="<% $ARGS{Due} %>"></TD>
>       <TD><input size=10 name="Due"<% $ARGS{Due} && "
VALUE=\"$ARGS{Due}\"" %>></TD>



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