[Rtir] RTIR+RTFM install problems

Gorazd Bozic gorazd.bozic at arnes.si
Tue Mar 16 02:16:26 EST 2004

Gorazd Bozic wrote:
> Gorazd Bozic wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have installed RT 3.0.9, RTIR 1.0.4 and RTFM 2.0.0 on a FreeBSD 4.9
>>system and RTFM menus are nowhere to be found. Has anyone else had
>>similar problems?

A short description for anyone that might do more than one install of
RTFM in a row (as I did): it appears that 'make install' *moves* files
to the RT install directory. If you delete the installation and repeat
the process, only directories are created and no files are copies as
they are gone. You have to untar RTFM again and then do 'make install'.

Is there a special reason why mv is done instead of cp when installing RTFM?


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