[Rtir] SpamCop reports

Greg Kuhnert Greg.Kuhnert at comindico.com.au
Wed Mar 24 20:54:26 EST 2004

Our existing rt2 system is currently hanging together with a lot of
external code. It currently parses spamcop, mynetwatchman, dshield, a
lot of the common copyright violation messages, and a few other formats.

We have a trial rt3 system under development, but we cannot upgrade till
we get some of this parsing functionality in our new system...

I will forward details of our progress to the list as we progress.


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Hi people,

does anybody has experience with parsing and handling SpamCop-reports
using RT(IR)?

We receive several hundred reports per day in the 11 countries we are
providing Internet to our customers. I am curious if there are other
companies who deal with large amounts of these reports.


Marcel Swinkels
chello abuse
UPC Nederland
mswinkels at chell

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