[Rtir] rt-3-0-10 warning

John Green j.green at ukerna.ac.uk
Mon Mar 29 06:01:48 EST 2004

John Green wrote:
> Just a warning, looks like rt-3.0.10 doesn't work with the current 
> release of RTIR due to the tweaks in attachment handling.

To answer my own email.
It may just be a simple case of adding

my $attachments = $m->comp('/Ticket/Elements/FindAttachments', Ticket => 
my $attachment_content = 
$m->comp('/Ticket/Elements/LoadTextAttachments', Ticket => $Ticket);

at the end of the <INIT> of the two Display.html's in RTIR and adding 
$attachment to

<& /Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments, Ticket => $Ticket, Attachments => 
$attachments &>

It seems to work, but ymmw.  3.0.10 seems much faster at displaying long 
ticket displays, but other more subtle stuff might be broken too.


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