[Rtir] GUI improvement

Marc Boix mboix at cesca.es
Wed May 26 08:17:41 EDT 2004

Hello people!

First of all, I'm in RT 3.0.10 and RTIR 1.0.5

I've added a line in /RTIR/Display.html file, because:
  after the creation of a ticket, the URL still keep as
  so, an accidental reload click in the navigator creates a new incident

This is my diff:
--- Display.html.old    Tue Mar 30 03:56:34 2004
+++ Display.html        Wed May 26 13:55:48 2004
@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@
     &$DoLinks($ChildObj, $Ticket);
+  $m->redirect('Display.html'.'?id='.$ARGS{'id'});

 } else {
     $Ticket = LoadTicket($id);

What do you think about?

Besides, a month ago I've send a mail at RT-Develop List asking about
another little change
Somebody know if my change is right?

Thanks a lot,


Marc Boix i Ricart
Dept. de Comunicacions
E-mail: mboix at cesca.es
Tf:  93 205.64.64 - ext 4454
CESCA (Centre de Supercomputació de Catalunya)

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